honeydew magnolia scented teapot candle

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i absolutely adore this lil tea pot! πŸ«–πŸ’—βœ¨
honeydew magnolia is a blend of honeydew melon, magnolia, anjou pear, leafy greens, jasmine, water lily, raspberry, vanilla and musk! if you have yet to smell this, you're missing outttt!

i topped this beauty off with peony petals, calendula, crushed chamomile and pink + gold glitter! ✨ this teapot also comes with a matching lid that is not shown in the photos!

reusable, upcycled container!
40+ hours of burn time! πŸ•―

* vintage containers like this one have normal wear and tear from over the years. the gold is no longer perfect all around this container as shown in the photos however it does notttt take away from the beauty of this piece!