About Me

Hiiiiiii! My name is Jayde and I was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona! 🌡

In May of 2020 (during quarantine) I found myself buying tons of candles but never feeling fully satisfied with them.. they either made my nose and eyes itchy, didn’t smell strong enough, the wax burned way too fast or the fragrance was never consistent throughout the entire candle!!! I started to do some research and by some research I mean *alot* of research on candles and why they do these things and learned SO much in just a few nights of google searches, sooooo many candles that are mass produced have a single layer of wax poured on top of a plain candle that is LOADED with fragrance oil, not only that but SO MANY big brand, cheap candles are actually made with toxic carcinogens that get released into the air and over time can actually become harmful to you! After this, I started to wonder how I could make something as simple as a candle that smelled consistent, doesn’t produce toxic chemicals into the air (and into my lungs) and how to create scents that bring back a million memories all while keeping it sustainable and accessible to everyone!
By the end of the summer after a lot of practice, tears😒, trial and error I was able to start sharing my beautiful creations with the rest of you and now I get to live out my dreams of being an artist while feeling more support and love than I ever could have imagined! πŸ•―

More About flickmywickk:

When you choose flickmywickk- you are choosing quality! I have a passion for creating things that are not only pleasing to the eye and to our nostrils but its also VERY important to me that my work is better for our environment as well! 🌿🌎🌡
My candles are made with a longburning, biodegradable, vegan wax blend that provides excellent scent throw when cooled or heated, wooden wicks that are far more sustainable and burn way cleaner than the traditional cotton wick, reusable and upcycled containers, ethically sourced crystals and ethically sourced flowers & herbs! (Did you know one dead tree can make thousandssss of wooden wicks!!!!)


all orders ship within 10 days of purchase or sooner with a USPS tracking number! 

I try to keep my packaging as eco friendly as possible so if your candles, wax melts or crystals show up in a completely random box- that is because i am always finding a box that can be reused and i appreciate proper reusing and recycling! ♻️ *all candles ship with TONSSSS of bubble wrap to ensure safety during shipping. 

if you read this far thank you! when you support a small business you are literally supporting a dream!πŸ•―πŸŒžβœ¨