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About Me

Hiiiiiii! My name is Jayde and I'm from Tempe, Arizona! 🌡
My interest to create candles came about while I was living with a roommate during quarantine. We were constantly burning candles and always had two common issues with them:
- the quality of the candle would make our eyes and nose itchy
- the scent would not be consistent throughout the entire candle
These two reasons alone made me want to create a product that would smell entirely consistent without upsetting our allergies! In the next few weeks I did 
tons of research and during this time I learned so much, I had no idea how many *big brand* candles were full of toxic carcinogens that can become extremely harmful to breathe in over time!   After weeks of testing multiple wax blends, a number of fragrance brands and different types of wicks I finally created a candle that I was in love with.
Within a few weeks of burning my candles around the house I decided to try selling them! The first day that I launched my online store I sold my only two available candles within 20 seconds and I had 24 custom preorders to start working on, on June 16th 2020 flickmywickk was born! The most motivating part about this was it was never planned to go this way and it just kind of happened! My first year I totaled at 600 sales with only 5 star reviews. The amount of love I've been shown since I started can never be compared to. I am so grateful for every single person I've met along the way who helped me get where I am today whether it be a sale, a comment or share on social media or even passing along a business card at their local coffee shop. Without the love and support I would have never been able to make this happen!

More About flickmywickk:

When you choose flickmywickk- you are choosing quality! I have a passion for creating candles that are not only pleasing to the eye and to our senses but its very important to me that my work is better for the environment as well! 🌿🌎🌡
What sets flickmywickk apart from other candle brands?
- My candles are handpoured in only single batches. 
- My wax is clean-burning, slow-burning and vegan!
- I use wooden wicks that crackle like a fireplace while burning. A single dead tree can produce thousands of wooden wicks which makes them highly sustainable.
- All of my fragrances are phthalate free.
- Every candle is one of a kind and made in a reusable container for you to use after you burn through it. I source all of my containers from local antique shops and thrift stores. (this excludes 4oz and 8oz tin candles)
- I top my candles off with a variety of dried flowers, herbs, crystals and glitters!
- I offer candle refills at a discounted price on any candle purchased from me in the past. Ask me for more details if you have questions about having a candle refilled!

If you read this far thank you! When you support a small business you are literally supporting a dream!πŸ•―πŸŒžβœ¨