blue flower candles

$13.33 - $34.44 / Sold Out

this listing is for the candle of your choice OR you can bundle them all together!
they make a cute lil set ✨

candle A is mahogany teakwood scented, my best selling cologne-like blend! 🌊
40+ hours of burn time!

candle B is pear + vanilla scented, a gentle, sweet and soothing blend that you'll fall in love with!🍐
40+ hours of burn time!

candle C is plumeria scented, a unique tropical floral scent that you won't be able to get enough of!🌺
up to 25 hours of burn time!

each candle was topped off with lavender, chamomile, peony petals and rainbow glitter!

♻️ reusable, upcycled container.

if candle C is purchased alone I will reach out to refund your shipping overage!