angel aura quartz cluster

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this listing is for the beautifulllllll Angel Aura Quartz cluster shown in the photos!

this is a statement piece that stands on small, prickly clusters of Quartz that will poke your fingers if you don't handle this piece with caution and care!

Angel Aura Quartz is a beautiful, iridescent stone that heals your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies which make it high vibrational on all levelssss! 🌈☀️
the energy that this crystal radiates is perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather, unstable or just not having the best day! it forms a protective shield around your aura to give you the feeling of inner peace, purity, serenity, happiness and overall uplifted energy!
Angel Aura Quartz is also powerful for manifesting! Meditating with this crystal can provide you with greater insight to creating stronger bonds with people, getting in touch with your spirituality and works very well with aligning your chakras and strengthening your auric field! 👼🏻 ✨